Prises and scholarships

2021      Work scholarship BMKÖS

2021      Project funding  MA7 Kulturabteilung, City of Vienna

2021      Project funding  RKI Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin

2021      Project funding  Bildrecht Vienna

2021      ÖH Fem_Queer-Funding Scholarship

2021      kültür gemma! work scholarship

2020     Work Scholarship, MA7 Kulturabteilung, City of Vienna

2018      Art Start Studio, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2018      Project scholarship, MA7 Kulturabteilung, City of Vienna

2017      RedCarpet Tribute Award

2016      Project scholarship, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2015      Project scholarship, Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest


2011 – 2016 MA in Fine Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2008 – 2011 BA in Fine Art, University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania

Group exhibitions and performances 

2022  “kültür gemma! is on“ online Festival Wien

2021    The Portal, VBKÖ Vienna (AT)

2021   Heartbeat 20/Puls 20, Kunsthalle Bega, Temeswar, ROU

2021    Performance “… . 04.17 text four” Und, woher kommst Du? wedmi collective, open stage Favoriten, Vienna (AT)

2021    Performance “… . 04.17 text four”,  Friedensbim Vienna (AT)

2021    COMMON GROUNDS DE_FACE, Sandkasten Syndikat Vienna (AT)

2021     12 YEARS AFTER. A SURVEY OF ROMANIAN ART IN 180 WORKS, MNAC National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (RO)

2021    Real Stories, Group show by the QM&A Artist Collective, Vienna (AT)

2020    Light at the end of the tunnel, AA Collections Vienna (AT)

2020    FOCUS IN festival, Online, curated by Judith Von Orelli, London, (UK)

2020    Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine // Reflections on the Viral Vacuum, curated by Mara-Johanna Kölmel on instagram @mara_johanna.kolmel

2020    HELLO WORLD//Virtual International Art Exchange, TransCultural Exchange Online Platform

2019     FAKE >> Wie fake ist unser Alltag << , RAUMSCHIFF, Linz (AT)

2019      paradies natur, curated by Judith P. Fischer, ecoart Vienna (AT)

2019     FEMALE – lebt und arbeitet in Wien, curated by Veronika Rudorfer, Galerie Rudolf Leeb Vienna (AT)

2019     Open House Dessous in the frame of “Kunsträume 23 Festival”, Dessous Vienna (AT)

2018      Promising Paradise, Vienna Art Week, Open Studio Traktorfabrik Vienna (AT)

2018      Cooking the city – artists as contingency architects, Projektraum Traktorfabrik Vienna (AT)

2018      performance “Albertine”, in the frame of Traumnovelle revisited, Mezannin Vienna (AT)

2018      Nothing Less! 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage, VBKÖ Vienna (AT)

2018      Kunsträume 23,  Vienna (AT)

2017      Zwischenwelten, Mezannin, Vienna (AT)

2016      The [physical] [impossibility] of [WOMEN] in the [WORLD] of [someone] [living], xhibit, Academy of Fine

                 Arts Vienna (Graduates Exhibition) (AT)

2015      With Eyes Aghast: Transmannerist Reactions, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

2015      #viennaintransylvania, Atelier 4, Cluj Napoca, Romania (RO)

2014      Action goes viral / HUT [Hinterhof.unter.terrain], Vienna (AT)

2013      (an)blicke#4 / Base-level Gallery, Vienna (AT)

2013      Could it be love? An exhibition with possible, Tailor’s Tower, Cluj Napoca, Romania (RO)

2012      25 Jahre Artmark, Gallery Artmark, Vienna (AT)

2011      The stuff that stars are made of. Young Graduates from the School of Cluj,  Galerie Mie Lefever, Gent, Belgium  (BE)

2011      UAD Graduates Exhibition, Cluj Napoca, Romania (RO)

Solo exhibitions and Film screenings 

2023     Filmscreening “Mâna care taie (Cutting Hand)” in the frame of the program „Schnitt ins Land“ curated by Florian Wüst in the frame of Werkleitz Festival

               „Mein Schatz“ 2023, Halle (DE)

2022     Filmscreening “Mâna care taie (Cutting Hand)” BIEFF 12 Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Bucharest (RO)

2021     Rastplatz, this, thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor. Bremen (DE)

2019     “Albertine” video work shown at “Invading Space ” Video screening curated by Walter Seidl, FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion, Plovdiv (BG)

2018      RCAA Award, Vienna (AT)

2017      Dysplacement, Atelier 4, Cluj Napoca, Romania (RO)

2017      performance: Otilia’s enigma, producing the eastern feminine mystique, Performance in the frame of “Fucking Solidarity:

                 queer concepts on/from a Post-Soviet Perspective”  Conference, University of Vienna (AT)

2017      Imagination and Conceptual Life (performance and exhibition), University Library, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

Artist talks

2023   Discussion after the filmscreening program “Schnitt ins Land” together with Marian Mayland and moderated by Florian Wüst, Halle (DE)

2022   Artist Talk in the frame of kültüř gemma!  is on! online festival 

2021   “ Recollections of a cold war working body or: “What is ‘RASTPLATZ’?“, he asks in Romanian,” virtual Arbeitszimmer, thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor. Bremen (DE)

2021    “a conversation on scenes of o – autotopography,  the migrant body and memory” online conversation with Konstanze Spät, virtual Arbeitszimmer, thealit

               Frauen.Kultur.Labor. Bremen (DE)

2020    QUESTION ME & ANSWER Artist talk #10 (with Aklima Iqbal and Olga Shapovalova)

2019     Artist talk Bewährungsprobe#29 (mit Daniela Grabosch), Depot Kunst und Diskussion Wien

2018     Artist talk with Angela Stief, Vienna Art Week, Traktorfabrik

2017     Artist talk with Voica Puscasiu (UBB Cluj), Atelier 4, Cluj Napoca, Romania


2021    Arbeitszimmer thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor. Bremen, in the frame of COAPPARATION Part 3. (DE)

2021     Kunst am Stern Residency, Curated by Aftab Maher & Ahoo Maher and supported by Hendrix Wien (AT)

Curatorial projects/ Publications/ Contributions and Other projects

2023   Excerpt from “Alexandra Tatar’s Story” part of the exhibition My Pen Won’t Break, But Borders Will Apexart New York; Text contribution included in

              Tanja Ostojić‘s Mis(s)placed Women? 2009-2022: A Collaborative Art Project

2022    contributor as part of VBKÖ to video work “Performing the Archive: “Who brings the cake?” part of “Collaborations” exhibition, MUMOK Vienna 

2021     “Otilia’s enigma, notes on the performance” Feminist Critique East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies (online 2021) and in print 2022: Feminist

               Critique East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies, nr.5/2022, Special issue “Fucking Solidarity: Queering Concepts on/from a Post-Soviet

              Perspective”, p.107-112 

2020    Contribution to “Half of the sky” Project by The Golden Pixel Cooperative, in the frame of the exhibition „When Gesture Becomes Event“

                Künstlerhaus Vienna (8.12.2020 – 5.4.2021) and Diagonale Film Festival 2020

2020     Future is Ours! online Mentorship Program, Gimli Film Festival, Manitoba, Canada 

2019     contribution to “Misplaced Women?” Project by Tanja Ostojić (as part of Telciu Summer School) “Alexandra Tatar’s Story” published on

                Misplaced Women? platform:

2018      Curator, Cooking the city – artists as contingency architects, Projektraum Traktorfabrik Vienna

2016      Missing Catalogue (co-work), Kunsthalle Wien, Karlsplatz

2015      Austrian Museum Day 2015 Denkfabrik (co-work), Wien Museum

2015      Curator, #viennaintransylvania, Alelier 4, Cluj Napoca, Romania

2014      The Grammar of Display, Seminar and Publikation with Vanessa Joan Müller, Kunsthalle Wien


kültüř gemma! Kulturstipendien für Migrant_innen, reportage by Adriana Jurić, Heimat Fremde Heimat OFR III,  05.09.2021

“kültür gemma! Alexandra Tatar im Porträt”, von Anna Soucek, Kulturjournal Radio Ö1, 17.08.2021

Blickwechsel –  Nina Schedlmayer spricht mit Absoventinnen der Akademie, BIG Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien: Sanierung und Restaurierung

                 des Theophil-Hansen-Baus am Schillerplatz, Juni 2021

Kunst im Schaufenster – QM&A Artist Collective: »Real Stories«, Emily Staats, The Gap nr. 185 – 2021

Der Standard Lichtblicke: Kurze Filme und Kunst durch die Scheibe (abbildung)

Interview with Alexandra Tatar,  by Ulrike Schild,Les Nouveaux Riches Magazin –  15.06.2020

Der Kampf geht weiter, review Nothing Less! 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage by Nina Schedlmeyer (mention)

Reflexionen des Weiblichen, VOR Magazin 6/2018 (DE)

#viennaintransylvania exhibition review by Voica Puscasiu, Arta. Revistă de Arte Vizuale, 22-23 pp. 131

“The stuff that stars are made of. Young Graduates from the School of Cluj” Bogdan Iacob for   Galerie Mie Lefever 2011