cooking the city - artists as contingency architects

28.09.2018 – 04.10.2018

Projectspace Creative Cluster Traktorfabrik Vienna

with: Mano Krach, Swarnaly Mitra Rini, Shuvo Rafiqul, Miae Son, Alexandra Tatar

“Contingency is, quite simply, the fact that things could be otherwise than they are.”
William Rasch, Niklas Luhmann’s Modernity: The Paradoxes of Differentiation

Thinking of the city as a space produced by the interaction of historically and geographically specific institutions, social relations of reproduction, practices of government, forms and media of communication and so forth (James Donald), five artistic positions, engaging tangentially with such topics in their work are being presented. Vienna becomes in this scenario merely the ‘kitchen’ where the participating artists currently live (or have lived). Its specificity is not researched directly, but the city is looked at as a representation, an “imagined environment” (James Donald), of course without denying the factors contributing to Vienna’s status as a global city (Saskia Sassen’s concept). The works presented are inter-switching perspectives and open up various pathways of reading the triangle city, space and its inhabitants (the social body), altering poetical, metaphorical views with frontal experiences of the city space as a migrant or becoming-subject or simply as a flaneur.


13.08.2015 – 13.09.2015

Atelier Patru, Cluj Napoca

with: Roberta Lima, Ovidiu Gordan, Beatrice Dreux, Michelle Karussel, Victoria Mayer,  Anna Khodorkovskaya,  Madame Pipistrelle (Barbara Stöhr)

Photo ©Atelier Patru, Dan Tamas, Ovidiu Gordan, Alexandra Tatar. Invitation photo: Alexandra Tatar. Invitation graphic: Barbara Stöhr

#viennaintransylvania is a curatorial project initiated by Alexandra Tatar that consisted of a much needed show of international contemporary artists in Cluj Napoca. Although the works were conceptually and technically very different, the success stemmed from careful selection, through which a unitary, light-hearted exhibition was achieved that made full use of the small space. As a gesture of artworld decolonization, this show overturns the outdated trend of thinking the East westward. Voica Puscasiu for Arta. Revistă de Arte Vizuale nr 22-23/2016

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