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Artist residency in Arbeitszimmer from thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor. Bremen

October 2021

COAPPARATION? Cooperation is a process or behavior that can be regarded as essential for many things, ranging from culture and cultural politics to evolution, and vice-versa. Like an engine, it enables the stop and go of functional relationships, whose complex rhythms and intervals can in turn appear instrumental. In an apparition—another word for manifestation—perhaps? In that case COAPPARATION would be a little bit of COAPPARITION, because each instance of cooperation or each instance of its rejection comes down to common understanding, agreement, inquiry, hesitation, and action.

I will be working on the topic of Coapparition*, by recuperating a family history of ‘temporary’ migration to Germany. A portrait of a socialist good working man, and his adventures in the west. The specific social class infrastructure of migration: passport was taken upon arrival! Freedom was experienced elsewhere. The body. His stories of glory, and the things that were left unsaid.