untitled, dried roses collected between 2011-2018, paste, wall paint on wood. 93,5 x 207 cm, 2018 (detail)

untitled, mortar,  gypsum, cement, bitum,  pigment and lack on wood. 93,5 x 207 cm, 2018 

 untitled, mortar, cement, bitum,  pigment and dry flowers on wood. 93 x 50,5 cm, 2018 (detail)

untitled, dry flowers and vegetables collected 2011-2018, ,paste, wall paint and pigment on wood. 93,5 x 5207 cm, 2018 (detail)

untitled, plastic bubble wrap collected from logistic firma Viena (used on goods trasnport from India), chocolate pralines plastic packages, lack, and glitter on wood. 93,5 x 207 cm, 2018 (detail)