natures performative

site specific intallation, Hendrix Prater, 2021

 Expanding on my previous work natures ,  started as a provocation on my training as a painter, in a performative way. The work combines ‘unsuitable’ materials, which have a transitory-performative aspect, changing texture and color even after the work is ‘finished’. 

For the duration of the one-week residency, I opened up the work, by think of the performative aspects of the body, its relation to the environment the relationship between landscape and subjectivity. Trying different possibilities of the body becoming the ‘brush’ itself,  ‘imaginary landscapes’ were created in the room.  Walks through the Prater for collecting  materials become part of the work as well. The working process was documented and streamed live on my website during the residency.

Work in the frame of ‘Kunst am Stern’ residency, organized by Maaher Curatrorial Team and Hendrix Prater.