Imagination and conceptual life

Performance with Pêdra Costa and Installation in the frame of “Donnerstags in der Bibliothek”

Universitätsbibliothek – Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien 2017

collaboration with: Pêdra Costa, Mihaela Tatar, Alexandru Tatar




The concept of the performance was developed together with Pêdra Costa. The performance challenges the space of the library as a space of male dominated knowledge, and opens the discussion about the presence of women in the academic and artistic space. The interraction with the space was concieved as to bring the women back, her knowledge, her body. The space of the library as one of rules and accepted structures of knowledge was challenged. Aiming through artistic language to bring to surface the overwritten histories, the repressed memories, to shed a light on the oppressive mechanisms still in place and reclaim the ‘stolen’ knowledge  which colonialism and patriarchal history enabled.

The multi-layered installation consisted of personal texts printed on paper, marked by sculptures appropriated from a Romanian catholic Church and texts written on stones collected from the Wienerwald, placed on the sideways of the library shelves, where the historical books are kept. A white material and marker were used in the performance together with cubic stones to hold weight of the material during and after the performance.

Installation: text, sculpture, fabric, stones and sound.

Photographic documentation of the performance and installation  ©Joanna Pianka

Video documentation :  Marianne Eberl and  Nick Prokesch