Archeology of uncharted beings

Black-Box 40 x 30 x 50 cm with video #1 “BB, CC, DD, EE” (colour, sound, 7:40 min); Video #2 „Boob Architecture“(Farbe, Ton, 11:57min); Objects: concrete, plaster, glass, plastic packiging

FAKE_Wie Fake ist unser Alltag, Raumschiff Linz 2019

Archeology of uncharted beings is an exploring mission, a look from the future at traces left over by a certain kind of being defined in our present time as a consumerist. A consuming body always in the game of self-improvement can fall prey to fake promises products such as EE and DD make. Even Effect and Daily Defense might just as well be a slogan for a future militarized product serving our lives in the form of some life enhancing app. The 2 parts work consisting of objects/”archeological finds”(Part one: Black box/ BB CC DD EE) and “fossils”( Part two: Boob Architecture with Sculptures) are connected with each other through the use of video which sheds some light on the strange appearance of the objects, such as the cast of a silicone BH colored red on the inside, as the famous red patented shoe soles, as well as chemical reactions which either are proof of a new form of life or remains of an extinct way of being.

The “fossils” sculptures, vaguely resembling human shapes and made out of cosmetic packages debris are connected to the “objects” through the sole video where a uncannily human part becomes recognizable: the self-adhesive silicone BH, visible as the end of an “unstable grounds” movement that its microcosmos entails.