Rastplatz, this

project in the frame of COAPPARATION?  Lab, Arbeitszimmer Residency of thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor. Bremen.

upcoming 2021

A portrait of a socialist good working man, and his adventures in the west. The specific social class infrastructure of migration: passport was taken upon arrival! Freedom was experienced elsewhere. The body. His stories of glory, and the things that were left unsaid. The cracks in the footage. macroscale <> microscale levels: the informal carpet commerce that my grandfather made being as important. Economy of cold war dynamics. Humor as surviving mechanism, but an underlying sadness becomes stringent. Landscapes. Buried in landscape. A minor history. Marginal. The company I requested if they still have his welder permit don’t keep the files from the 70s anymore. Memory: why does he remember exactly each detail of those 3 years and 3 months, but has to look into his notebook for the birthdates of his two children?