Performance. Site Specific Installation (expanded painting)

in the frame of “Traumnovelle revisited” exhibition, October 2018

Mezzanin Wien/ Bujattivilla, 1140 Wien. 

possible with the support of: 

Irrlicht Elet and Mezzanin Wien


poetics of the image
scenes ▪ materials ▪ (decoding)

Materials: all from the premises of the villa and its surroundings: earth (wall and floor crumbles of the villa), water, leaves and stones (from Halerbach), succulents (rooftop), mushrooms (garden), dried roses (own collection); theater lights; pond sheet (Teichfolie)

Site-specific work in the frame of “Traumnovelle Revisited” (Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler) exhibition at Mezzanin Wien.

Recontextualizing Albertine’s dream (main female character in Dream Story), informed by the readings of Diana at her Bath and the Women of Rome by Pierre Klossowski, two landscapes were created in two separate rooms of the underground level of the villa (tellurian) using only available materials on site.

Room one. Room two.(the meadow). (the pond)

Outside)(Inside border blurred

Landscape – outside – Inside (memories, wall crumbles)

Figure in landscape – painting theme

Landscapes were also performed by the ‘figure’ in the landscape.

The performance was directed to be ‘incidental’. Since there were other performances and concerts happening at the same time on the other floors of the Mezzanin (villa), I choose the moment of performing after inhabiting my installations for a while and paying attention to the ‘traffic’ of the basement floor. As nobody knew exactly that it would be something happening, people just came and went. For those who happened to stumble upon during the performance itself, the effect was that of a perplex moment: “I shouldn’t be here, that’s why I’m here” Klossovski calls the real experience “ I was supposed to be here because I was not supposed to be here” quote

The ritual of the bath – puryfing

Notion of moral integrity of women

Women antiquity – become gods through prostitution

Ritual – sexual


Time of reflection- time converted into mental space > space of the myth

Image – moving image -the whole thing

Blood- killing – Diana, but after being seen

Albertine as holy whore – through the ritual becomes the same

                              Messalina Alfred Jerry


Matriarchal world: licentiousness, generosity and the world of the dead were closely linked

Body of women – the notion of integrity, of morals, connected to the notion and development of property